Monday, November 29, 2004

Battlestar Galactica (part 2)

I've seen the first 6 episodes of the NEW sci-fi channel Battlestar Glactica series (set to debut on American TVs in January 2005. To this, I must say the following - I am pleasantly suprised by what I have seen. The series is actually very good - and is currently battling the fan-boy in me for its place as number one sci-fi series - with the current season of Enterprise fighting for that spot, also. Many of my concerns (and issues) with the mini-series have been dispelled by what the writers are doing with the new BG. Gone are the "planet of the week" episodes and the names "Apollo", "Starbuck", "Boomer", etc are CLEARLY pilot tag names NOT their actual names. The characters are mush more solidly developed than they were in the mini-series (understandably, since the writers have had 6 more hours to do it) - Adama is incredible!! Episode three has an awesome guest appearance by Richard Hatch playing a very three-dimensional character that (hopefully) will be back and developed further. It is a shame that he could not have returned as a aged viper pilot - but, alas.... Also -- the side-story they are developing with the stranded pilot back on their home-world Capricus (or whatever it was called)....

HERE'S THE DEAL PEOPLE ---- email me directly at with subject line: "Battlestar Galactica 2004" if you want copies. The trick is this -- they are in some strange AVI format that I can't decode to burn to DVD -- BUT -- they are crystal clear with awesome sound and play on your PC. You will need to download an XviD codec and I will email you a link to do that - it's free. The COST for the 5 cd-roms for the first 6 episodes is $6 - send me a pay-pal (to the same email) -- the money is just to cover postage and material (I promise) -- I will send all mail via usps priority mail.

TRUST ME -- it's worth the $6.

If you can wait until Jan '05 -- then wait.


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