Monday, November 29, 2004

John Carter of Mars...Good News and Bad News

Earlier this year Robert Rodriguez was slated to direct the upcoming John Carter of Mars film, an adaptation of Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Those of you who know me well know that I was extremely worried about this arrangement. It might have been fantastic, ala Desperado or the good moments in the Spy Kids franchise, but I worried that his love of chinsey DV cam would make the project unwatchable, Once Upon a Time in Mexico anyone? I swear the way digital captures light is awful, especially the way DV captures light. Sure the film costs $20.00, but it looks like it cost $20.00.

So...We have some good news. Kerry Conran who directed Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow is currently slated to direct the Burroughs classic. Kerry understands how to merge digital effects with images captured on film. He also, obviously, has a deep affection for pulp material. So this is good news. It could be bad news if he fanboys out, like I know I would. But I think he is slightly more professional than I am. Having actually made a movie and everything.

And...We have some possible bad news. Mark Protosevich is slated as the screenwriter for the project. For those who don't know, Protosevich was the writer of the less than fan favorite film The Cell. Now, I personally liked the movie, but I have to agree that it suffered from some problems. How many of these problems were the screenwriter and how many were caused by other members of the creative team I don't know. One of the highlights of The Cell was Vince Vaughn's participation.

Speaking of Vince...He makes my short list for the lead.

John Carter
Prerequisites: Tall, physically fit, dark hair, good actor who can do a subtle Southern/Western accent.

Possible Candidates:

Matthew McConaughey -- 6 ft even (sure he is), very fit (hard to get him to keep his clothes on), blond (hmmm), good actor and from texas.

Vince Vaughn -- A giant, fit, dark, good actor, accent?

Hugh Jackman -- Tall, fit, dark, good actor, accent? Too many actioners behind him.

Eric Bana -- Tall, fit, dark, good actor, accent? Was the Hulk...BUT was awesome as Hector.

There are others who might work as well, and I am sure uncountable unknowns, but that is the Short List. My top two Vince or Eric.

Now who do I choose for Dejah Thoris?

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