Friday, October 29, 2004

This is Silly

This Red Sox fans as being happily miserable is so silly, I wonder why I am even responding. In my 36 years I have never met anyone like the people that some news media define as "Red Sox Fans". I believe this is a bit of an urban legend. The Red Sox fans I know, and over the years that is quite a sum, are not miserable doom sayers as the article would suggest. They are just regular fans who want their team to win just like those in L.A., Chicago and everywhere else in the country. I never met any Red Sox fan who wanted the team to lose so that they could feel superior for rooting for a team that always lost because somehow that made them a better fan. The whole concept is a bit nuts. Maybe there is a perception that a group of people who hold onto blind hope for so long just have to enjoy being miserable to do so. I would say let it go, its over.

It seems that this reporter had nothing better to do with his time than to bash New Englanders. Pretty ambitious to throw an entire region of the country under the bus. (And pretty easy, as he writes in L.A.). He probably needed a story so he fell onto the tried and true. When people talk about New Englanders being defined by misery it is not New Englanders who do so. Just as when people outside of New York talk about New Yorkers as being rude or East Coasters who believe that Californians are slackers and irresponsible. None of this is true and we all know it. But as long as people want something to talk about I suppose it will be there. I say after 86 years let the stereotype die, it was never true in the first place.

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