Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hell freezes over

The Red Sox get by the Yankees and go on to sweep the Cardinals in the World Series. I do not think I could have had a fantasy that equaled the reality. I read an article in which a red sox fan stated that the Red Sox had killed his father and now they were coming after him. All of that is gone. A lot has changed in the last two weeks.

1. Red Sox finally overcome the the center of the Baseball universe in New York

2. Red Sox win the Series in short order.

With that done things are now different. No more 1918 chants or G. Herman Ruth masks. The Sox can now develop a franchise rather than chasing the obsession of 1918. But the rivalry with the Yanks may have also been dealt a death blow. I think the games between the two will not have the same energy it has had over the past years, it won't be as important. We, the Red Sox, are just a normal franchise again. No more jeers or chants. We won't ever catch the Yankees in championships, who could?

I have a feeling that baseball will be better from now on. A Red Sox World Series gives hope to every other franchise, if the Red Sox could win, baseball's most consistent losers, so can we. Yesterday morning the Sox were chasing history attempting to overcome 86 years. Today, they are World Champs and next spring they will be just another franchise. How do I like it, I like it just fine.

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