Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Real Party Platform: Cthulhu 2004

Why not vote for Cthulhu in 2004? He is an Elder God with a real plan for America. Let's examine his plan for the so called "War on Terror":

Terror. Terrorism. Terrorists. Words that have the power to paralyze our very society. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates advocate continuing a “War of Terror,” each in their own way.

We of the Elder Party are brave enough to offer an alternative! Of course it is our goal that under our leadership no American will have any fear of terrorists from outside disrupting their lives. But our approach is fundamentally different from those offered.

While the current “War of Terror” advocates the use of tools such as strengthened security and conventional warfare. We of the Elder Party take a fresh approach.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

We will fight international terror . . . WITH TERROR!

Under the lead of Great Cthulhu, we will make America the most frightening nation on earth. None shall dare oppose us in our goals!

Our opponents might offer better security or more military might. We offer a candidate who is himself a Weapon of Mass Destruction!

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