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Monday, July 25, 2011

SyFy's "The Mercury Men" -- Lots of Small Quibbles, but Lots of Fun So Far.

I checked out the first episode of SyFy's new web series "The Mercury Men." At first glance, it appears to be an amalgam of all those wonderful b/w serials I used to watch with my Opa late on Saturday nights. That means it warms a special nostalgic place in my heart, but it also means that every slight flaw feels like a great betrayal. I've got a list of pros and cons below the video, but before I taint your experience watch the show. Only then read my pros/cons.

Pro -- The music and special effects are quite good. The lead does a credible job and I love his costume. There is some good humor. This looks like it could be great inspirational material for a Savage Worlds Slipstream campaign.

Con -- 1975? Are you sure? It doesn't look like 1975? The employee looks 50s, the hero 30s/40s, the girl has modern eye makeup and 60s youth quake hair. How many shots does the hero get per round of ammunition? The acting on the part of the older employee is a little over the top.

I'll keep watching, but it is going to be a battle between my forgiving genre eye and my extremely critical nostalgic eye. If you are trying to capture the magic of a Buster Crabbe serial, then you had better capture that magic.

So far, they are meeting the test.