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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

LEGO Dimensions: New Scooby Doo Set Trailer

By everything that I've seen LEGO Dimensions is a combination of everything I love about Skylanders and Disney Infinity, but with LEGOs. That sounds like a family funday fantasy to me and the new Scooby Doo playset trailer, which includes gameplay footage, only adds to my desire to buy this new game. Now that my twin daughters History and Mystery are 7 years old, I've begun playing a video and table top games with them. This last weekend, we played Minecraft and Mice & Mystics. I'm also planning on using +James August Walls' mash up of Disney Infinity and Skylanders using the Savage Worlds rules as a way to introduce miniatures gaming to the girls.

The more LEGO Dimensions offerings I see, the more certain I am that these characters will be added to my miniatures and roleplaying sessions with the twins.

Friday, April 26, 2013

LEGO Tower of Orthanc: Time to Write a D&D Adventure for this Sweet Lego Set

The title sequence for this LEGO promotion video makes LEGO look like one of the most fun places to work on the planet. Then again...employees get paid to make and play with LEGOs and that almost by definition makes it one of the most fun places to work.

This video promotes the upcoming Tower of Orthanc set for their LORD OF THE RINGS line.  Most of the line has been expensive but amazing and this set looks to continue the tradition.

Not only do you get the tower, which would make an awesome set piece for a game day, but an Ent! 

History and Mystery aren't quite old enough for these huge LEGO kits, but I cannot wait until they are.