Monday, June 20, 2016

Shadows of Voltan -- A Shadow of the Demon Lord Character Sheet for Crow

A while back, I did a post discussing Hawk the Slayer and provided statistics for the character Crow in both Savage Worlds and Shadow of the Demon Lord format. While I was happy with the statistical representation, I wasn't happy with the formatting. So I spent some time in Publisher and worked this sheet out. I've got the original publisher file, and a version of this character sheet in pdf, so I'll likely be adapting some more characters soon.

It's my plan to do a series of articles, including some fanbrew campaigns, for Shadow of the Demon Lord because I am increasingly convinced that it is one of the better introductory rpgs on the market. While the game has a granularity that most long time gamers will appreciate, it's very accessible. 

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