Thursday, August 07, 2014

Support Green Ronin's Attempt to Publish "Love 2 Hate"

Before I post today's #RPGaDay post, I thought that I would take a moment to highlight a great game project that Green Ronin has running on Kickstarter through tomorrow. The game is called LOVE 2 HATE and looks to be a fantastic entry into the "saying inappropriate things" category of party games that have been very successful of late. An early entry into the genre was APPLES TO APPLES which I think accidentally created the category as AtoA judges selected funnier choices as the winners, a trend that led to the creation of CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY where the goal was to create misanthropic combinations...often offensive combinations.

LOVE 2 HATE uses a "sentence finishing" mechanic where players use one card that says "I Hate the way/I Love the way..." (Some Noun)... and other cards have finishing clauses that lead to some hilarious results.  Here are two examples of combinations from the game that have been shared by Green Ronin's Nicole Lindroos.

Looking at these examples it appears that Green Ronin are navigating the balance between inappropriate yet hilarious and the possibly offensive with a great deal of care. Some might argue too much care as there really should be very few boundaries to comedy, but I think that some of these finishing cards can lead to some pretty interesting results and I am very much looking forward to playing this game with my regular gaming group.

You can support the game by visiting their Kickstarter page and the buy in is very affordable. While you are there, you might just consider backing at the level that gets you a copy of WALK THE PLANK. I've owned that game for some time now and think it is a fantastic little card game.

It's nice to see Green Ronin throwing their hat back into the card game ring.

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