Friday, August 31, 2012

A COMPANY MAN (2012) -- Guns, Love, and Middle Management

Earlier this year, Showbox/Mediaplex Inc. (the company who brought us Dragon Wars) released THE THIEVES at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Maggie Lee at The Hollywood Reporter described THE THIEVES as "A debonair caper that brings together Korean and Chinese cat burglars for a diamond heist in Macao, "The Thieves" owes much to the sparky gamesmanship and glamour casting of Steven Soderbergh's "Ocean" series, as well as to the physical verve and unpretentious goofiness of '90s Hong Kong actioners like John Woo's "Once a Thief" (1991)."

Now Showbox is promoting another film that combines many of the tropes of East Asian cinema with A COMPANY MAN.

The film follows the story of a hitman who quits his job for love only to find himself hunted by his former employers.  Can he escape with his life?  Is love all a dream?  Will there be betrayal?

Only time can tell.

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