Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Real Battlemechs Have Arrived. Can the Succession Wars Be Far Behind?

I would appear that House Kurita of the Draconis Combine is not named for Shiro Kurita, but is the 23rd century's adaptation of artist Kogoru Kurata the designer of Terra's first real world Battlemech.

Kurata has parntered with Japanese robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki of Suidobashi Heavy Industry to create a robot that people can ride and battle in. 

The robot has been named KURATAS after the artist who designed the vehicle, but any Battletech fan knows that this is really the first Kurita mech.  It weighs about 4,500kg (4-tons), making it an ultra-light mech. The vehicle measures 4m-high (13 feet), 3m-wide and 4m-long, and one can be yours for a mere $2.37 million. 

Mechwarriors can control the vehicle in one of two ways.  They can sit in the cockpit like proper warriors, or they can use their iPhones.

It seems that FASA was wrong about the date of the invention of the Battlemech. We won't have to wait until 2439, the predecessor is already here.  We can see by the wheels of the vehicle that this is a first stage Battlemech, but can the "upright" mech be far behind?

The Successor Wars may exist in the far future, but the how long until the first of the Predecessor Wars?  I am officially changing the name of Draconis Combine in by Battletech games to Suidobashi Heavy Industry.

Hat Tip: Design Taxi


 Ashley said...

I covered this too, and I've given a link back to you as a thank you for extracting the stats on this beastie.

BTW: like the blog.

Christian Lindke said...


The Paint it Pink blog looks great. I went to see the link, and stayed for the Battletech posts.