Friday, January 06, 2012

Reverb Gamers 2012 #6

Describe your all-time favorite character to play. What was it about him/her/it that you enjoyed so much? (Courtesy of Atlas Games. Visit us at

My all-time favorite character to play, huh? Sounds like another bad episode of Let me tell you about my character.... My retailer friends will often complain that while running a game store they have to hear a lot of the "let me tell you about my character..." stories. Hear enough of them and you'll snap. I think because for the person telling the story it's a very personal thing. A connection you make in your own mind between yourself and the character you are creating and playing. For someone hearing the story without that context it's just details strung together. For those who wish to avoid such nonsense please read no further.

My first character in a "real" RPG with a real gaming group is probably my favorite character to play. A male Twilek Jedi Padawan named Hal Duran in my friend Wes' Star Wars SAGA edition game. It's set during the Clone Wars and Dark Times eras between The Phantom Menace and A New Hope. In an early session it was pointed out to me that "Hal Duran" sounds like Alderaan. I swear it wasn't on purpose. My Jedi's name is not a tribute to that doomed world. The inspiration for the name was from HAL 9000, the computer in 2001: a Space Odyssey and the band Duran Duran, they combined as an interesting name for a Jedi Padawan.

What do I enjoy most about playing this character? Hello? Jedi. For this game it's all about cinematic action. What highly improbable feet of acrobatics, and sword play will Hal pull off this week? Probably my favorite scene so far was chasing a personnel carrier with a speeder bike. It's hard to fight a moving target with a light saber. So I maneuvered the speeder in front of the carrier while using my light saber to protect myself from it's guns. Then I leaped off the bike while spinning like a top with light saber held angled in front of me, cutting a hole through the plasteel window simultaneously killing the driver and wounding the co-pilot. I landed on my feet in the back of the carrier. So I was fighting the guys inside while the carrier is crashing. Mandalore bounty hunters coming in the top and jumping off just in time for the carrier to explode from a thermal detonator. Boom! Awesome. That was just as a padawan, just gained knighthood in the last session.

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