Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaming*Mirth: Dragon Pranks -- Puppets and Princes

Since eating Rinaldo the Troubadour, Asterandyx had acquired a taste for the theatric.

Image © Jody Lindke 2011


Pontifex said...

Where is the post you promised on Twitter, dude?

Christian Lindke said...

Still putting together my thoughts. I want them to be coherent and to do some more research into the discussion to date.

Pontifex said...

I am interested in your perspective Christian, if though you said you disagree. Unlike some people who have been jumping down my throat, I welcome debate over difficult issues. It hones the mind.

If you don't mind, toss me an e-mail when you do it. My blogroll is moving fast these days, I would hate to miss it.