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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fantasy Humor

One of my favorite features of the old Dragon magazine was the DragonMirth cartoons section. Jody and I were discussing them a while back, and she kindly drew a couple of DragonMirth-esque single panel cartoons of her own.


Amy Alkon said...

Love that!

Christian Lindke said...

Thanks Amy. I'll pass the word along to Jody. I need all the ammunition I can get to overcome her humility.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Good work.

Also fun that it works on two levels.

Spiralbound said...

Ha Ha! Every bit as clever, campy, corny, and catchy as those old Dragonmirth comics were! I wish that *someone* who was as good as your frind is would do a series of these online. They'd catch on enormously as there's currently no source for this style of "in-joke" RPG humour, and IMHO a huge potential niche to be filled.