Friday, February 18, 2011

D&D in Forbes?

Thanks to the recent episode of Community, the Dungeons & Dragons game is getting some buzz in mainstream pop culture.  Surprisingly the buzz has included the entertainment blog on the Forbes website

David Ewalt's recommendations might make some in the internetowebosphere who dislike Hasbro's business decisions in the past year groan.  Ewalt's advice is is a glowing recommendation for Wizards' "Red Box" release, their Encounters program, and praise for Wizards' decision to fight for Wal-Mart shelf space.

When your game is getting positive print time, even digital print time, at Forbes you know you are doing something right.  Though one has to wonder what this says about the role playing game market.  If Forbes -- which prides itself as being a leader in business reporting -- is promoting you game...does that mean that the future CEOs of America will be gamers?  Does it mean that the current crop of Executive VPs are gamers? 

Grognardia had a wonderful post recently about gaming's treatment in Sear catalogs of years past and how RPGs hadn't yet been "ghettoized" out of mainstream gaming. 

But if a Forbes blog that highlights the latest Barbie is promoting your game, haven't you begun to walk out of the ghetto?

The Community episode might have provided the context that allowed for the article, but if Hasbro hadn't made Essentials -- and the Encounters Program -- last year the article wouldn't be making as many recommendations for the novice.


Tyler said...

Getting Dungeons & Dragons back into Walmart is going to be the best thing possible for role-playing. The hobby needs that visibility.

Stuart said...

Not the first time that blogger @ Forbes has written about D&D. He organized a tribute to Gary Gygax after his death, if I remember correctly...