Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gaming Paper Launches Patronage Project

Erik Bauer and the good folks at Gaming Paper are currently asking for patrons for the first product in their Gaming Paper Adventures line of combination map packs/rpg adventures.

This first product features the cartography of industry stalwart Christopher West who has created a giant map for the "Citadel of Pain," and an adventure written by Lou Argresta and Rone Barton.

Erik Bauer has found a way to use his industry competitive advantage, the production of high quality paper gaming maps, to differentiate his rpg adventure offerings. A complaint I have about many modern adventures is their lack of "out of the box" playmats. Some gamers prefer to keep their adventuring purely within their imagination, and I have participated in many successful campaigns that did so. The gaming group I have been playing with for the past 10 years isn't one of those groups. We have a combination of strategy game and eurogame veterans in addition to the pure role players in my group. All of the players like to role play out narrative scenes, but the majority of my players feel most comfortable when they have a nice batch of terrain in front of them during battles. This is one of the main reasons I own so many battle tile style products. I am constantly in need of terrain and maps to use in my adventures.

I am also very busy and rely heavily on prepublished adventures. Sometimes it can become irritating inventorying my tiles/maps to make sure I have the right ones on hand during the session since too few modules provide robust maps for use during play -- Paizo and Wolfgang Baur I'm looking at you.

This product addresses that issue, but it has one added bonus. The map tiles are designed to be GEOMORPHIC! How "old school" is that? What this means that I can use them even if I don't run the module they are associate with because any tile should be able to attach to any other tile. This expands the usefulness of the product to include those who need maps, but don't run published adventures.

I could continue with my thoughts on the product, but I think I'll let the Huckster in Chief (Erik Bauer) sell you on the merits himself.

Make sure that you support the project. I put a widget along the right hand column of the blog where you can help Kickstart the project.

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