Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Fantasy Flight Games' City of Thieves Board Game is Beautiful

One of the games that was an absolute "must buy" for me at Gen Con was Fantasy Flight Games' release of Dust Games' City of Thieves board game. From the first time I saw the advertisements online, I was hypnotized by the graphic presentation of the game. City of Thieves uses the art and setting from the Cadwallon setting originally published by Rackham Miniatures.

In essence, it is a game designed by a Hong Kong company, published by an American company, based on a product created by a French company. God I love this strange new world and all the fabulous things in it!

Fantasy Flight Games recently made a video overview of the game available and I thought that I'd share it with you while I was still playing the game for review. I hope to review the game next Monday, but in the meantime I plan on playing at least six runs of the game.

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Wes said...

It sounds fun. I loved the Thief series of video games. I'm curious how the concept of "No honor among thieves" will play out though. Virtually backstabbing other players might generate a lot of ill will. Perhaps there needs to be a pact made among players at the beginning in which you state boldly to one another that you WILL stab them in the back at first opportunity. Perhaps that will deflate expectations.