Thursday, July 08, 2010

Eagerly Awaiting a New "Out of the Box" by Kenneth Hite

Has it really been four months since Kenneth Hite last shared his insights into the independent rpg world with us in the form of a new "Out of the Box" opinion column?

Sadly, yes.

Hite's "Out of the Box" column is one of the great treats that the internet has to offer to gamers who desire to look for games a step off of the beaten path. Hite has been writing the column since 1997 and back when was an actual gaming news site, Hite's OOTB columns provided editorial content that supplemented was a step above the site's "Press Release" news feed. Hite's columns were conversational, provided insight about games you may have otherwise missed, and were written in his erratic polymath style. In shore, like Hite's own self promoting blog, they were a joy to read.

When folded, Hite's column migrated over to one of the best places on the internet to find small press role playing games the Independent Press Revolution website. Since migrating to the website, Hite has written columns filled with praise for games about anthropomorphic mice, Lucha Libre wrestlers, murderous space marines, superhero homicide detectives, and mysterious disappearances.

He has also written a couple of wonderful little rpg products himself in the past two years.

But Hite hasn't written a column since March of this year. Surely he can give us an Origins report, or a discussion of how 2010 is the year of the super hero rpg, or a review of a game wherein players take on the role of Helots who strive to live normal lives in between brutal Spartan raids.

In the meantime, I'll just have to visit his blog.

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