Friday, January 22, 2010

Season of the Witch (2010) -- Nicolas Cage Gets Medieval on Us

Man, I love Nicolas Cage. I may not enjoy every movie he star in, but the man doesn't seem to be ashamed to star in movies aimed at geek culture. Bangkok Dangerous may have been less dynamic than I had hoped, and I can nitpick about Ghost Rider all day, but Cage keeps coming out in projects that seem specifically tailored to the kind of movie I want to see in theaters.

The upcoming Harry Dresden Sorcerer's Apprentice film by Disney looks like fun, and so does Season of the Witch.

Hero Press provides the synopsis from the press release.

"His faith broken by years of battle as a crusader, [medieval knight] Behmen (Nicolas Cage) returns to central Europe to find his homeland decimated by the Black Plague.

"While searching for food and supplies at the Palace at Marburg, Behmen and his trusted companion, Felson (Ron Perlman), are apprehended and ordered by the dying Cardinal to deliver a young peasant girl believed to be the witch responsible for the Plague to a remote abbey where her powers can be destroyed.

"Behmen agrees to the assignment but only if the peasant girl is granted a fair trial.

"As he and five others set off on this dangerous journey, they realize with mounting dread that the cunning girl is no ordinary human and that their mission will pit them against an evil that even in these dark times they never could have imagined."

Looks like they are taking a little from Seventh Seal and mixing it with a little Ivanhoe adding a dash of Brotherhood of the Wolf and a dollop of Christopher Lee.

What more could one ask for?

Right, that it is better than In the Name of the King or The Knights of Bloodsteel.


Tulkinghorn said...

Looks like a lot of anti-clerical stuff, too: a feature of the Gothic much out of fashion since about 1795.

A quick google indicates that the Crusades ended about 50-75 years before the plague began.

Kind of like a World War II movie with personal computers and HDTVs...

I'm hoping Donovan sings the title song, but it sounds more like Sick Puppy.

Christian Lindke said...

The preview mentions "fighting the Turks" which could correlate to Clement VI and the Black Death.