Monday, December 28, 2009

TOY STORY: Now I'm Stressed About Buzz Lightyear's Fate

My wife and I are big fans of Disney's Pixar films, and we hope our 21 month old twin daughters will join us in our passion. I just watched the preview for next year's Toy Story 3. I had no idea what to expect, but the last thing I expected was cliffhanger stress, but that's what I feel now...cliffhanger stress.

What will happen to Buzz Lightyear?! I need to know!

The movie went from "must see due to fandom" to "must see or I'll go freakin' crazy!"


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Sean said...

I'm looking forward to TS3 also. I love Pixar's films too, though particular ones really bowl me over, or fascinate me, or move me (The Incredibles, WALL-E, and Up). Pixar is truly the gold standard these days, not just for animation, but for all storytelling on the big screen. Their success raises the question, at least to me, why other studios (or at least production companies) can't maintain anything approaching a Pixar-level of "quality control" and consistency.

As for the quasi-trailer, I trust that Buzz is resourceful enough to get out of that situation, however foreboding. I think that once he attained (Socratic or Augustinian, not Hegelian) self-consciousness at the end of TS1, it enabled him to exist in the human world more comfortably, with a healthy (and funny) sense of irony (as Woody already had attained). Yet Buzz's irony didn't leave him so detached that he couldn't marshal the band to rescue Woody in TS2.

The real jeopardy I sensed in that quasi-trailer was not so much about their lives; they'll find a way to survive (like a superhero, each toy has a special virtue or ability, and when they team up, they're potent like the Avengers [or The Incredibles]). Instead the highest stakes for the toys seem to be -- as in TS2 -- their value or meaning to the child that once loved and played with them. Maybe Pixar is going to swing for the fences again and, as with Up, make a poignant work of art about the passage of time.