Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Out of the Box Games to Release Pirate vs. Pirate Boardgame

Earlier this year, Out of the Box games released the excellent simple strategy game Ninja vs. Ninja. The game featured excellent graphic design and a solid rules set which balances strategy and chance to create a game that is quick to play and entertaining as well.

Historically, a couple of the advantages that video games often have over board games have been their lack of long set up time and the ability to "save" progress in a game without having to either keep detailed journals or leave out hundreds of cardboard chits. The Eurogame movement countered this advantage in that the majority of Eurogames are quick to set up and quick to play. If you only have an hour to spare for playing a few games, the modern Eurogame influenced market has many games available and Ninja vs. Ninja is one of those games.

Later this year, Out of the Box Games will be releasing the natural thematic -- if not mechanical -- sequel to Ninja vs. Ninja with their forthcoming Pirate vs. Pirate. The game, which is a three-player game as opposed to Ninja vs. Ninja which is a two-player game, should be available before the end of the year and I am very much looking forward to the design. Out of the Box has been fairly quiet with regard to what the game itself will look and play like, but if it plays well I'll certainly be hoping they manufacture a Pirate versus Ninja game in the near future.

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