Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coming Up on Cinerati

As you may have noticed, I have been running a series of posts discussing the Northwest Smith stories by Catherine Lucille Moore. In the coming weeks, the next 8 weeks to be exact, I'll be finishing the series. I am very much enjoying writing my thoughts down as I read through each of Moore's tales, and have decided that I want to make [Blogging X] a regular weekly entry here at Cinerati. After finishing the Northwest Smith stories, I'll move on to Moore's Jirel of Joiry tales, Kuttner's Gallagher tales, and the Healy/McComas compilation Adventures in Time and Space.

I'll be doing at least one [Blogging X] a week and will move on to other stories (like the stories of Robert E. Howard) eventually.

I'll also be including more movie reviews, television reviews, and game reviews, as time permits, as well as posting random thoughts about events and products throughout popular culture. I will also be keeping Hulu Recommendation Friday's for as long as Hulu keeps offering wonderful entertainment.

I'm really enjoying the direction this blog has taken of late and look forward to your comments.

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