Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bill Plaschke Eats Penis

I cannot tell you how many times, as a Trojan fan, I have wanted to say something similar to that post title. What has kept me from it is the realization that while Plaschke may frustrate me from time to time as a USC fan, he is an engaging writer. But I had to use that title after seeing this.

Thanks to Matt Welch for the tip.

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Eric Lytle said...

Somehow he manages to piss off Bruins fans just as much. And we keep reading his stuff too. Good on you for the blog title. I've felt the same way.about his stuff for years most notably the 10 years ago article ' this is a bruins sports town' which after usc football turns around he claims was motivational. despite being securely on the UCLA bandwagon he jumped ship for the national story almost right away, plus he takes credit for the turn around. Uncool.
end rant...