Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gail Gygax and Family Want a Gary Gygax Memorial in Lake Geneva, WI

Reporting out of Janesville, WI, Kayla Bunge has a nice public interest story about Gail Gygax's desire to have a memorial built in Lake Geneva in memory the founder of much of modern gaming.

According to the article, Mrs. Gygax desires the statue be built in Library Park on the shore of Lake Geneva. I can write, based on personal experience, that Library Park would be a perfect location. The one time I visited Lake Geneva, I drove by the Gygax residence (I should have stopped by, but didn't) and spent some time on the shore of lovely Lake Geneva. It was a wonderful trip and is a beautiful location.


billygygax said...

Be careful of what you believe
Newspapers do no always have the correct info
The city has a totally different idea than what is being published
Be cautious of what,where and the intentions of all parties involved
Don't get burned by hasty thoughts and feelings

Anonymous said...

who is billy gygax? no relation to Gary thats for sure.