Thursday, June 18, 2009

Introducing "The Most Medieval Man in the World"

Picking up on a sometimes entertaining ad campaign about "The Most Interesting Man in the World," Professor Richard Scott Nokes of Troy University is running a series of parody commercials entitled "The Most Medieval Man in the World." So far he has posted the first two mockumercials featuring Professor Nokes superheroic alter ego Professor Awesome, PhD. Like the taglines in the Most Interesting Man campaign, the individual quotes are hit and miss -- but the overall effect is quite funny. On an aesthetic note, one wishes that Professor Awesome had used a hand held digital video camera for the live action sequence. Apparently the Most Medieval Man in the World also owns the Most Medieval Digital Camera in the World. The grainy, skippy, blurriness, of the live action ending diminishes a very entertaining idea.

As an aside, I'm still waiting for the tagline, "The D&D Module the Temple of Elemental Evil is based on what happened during one of his 6 week Mead drinking binges."

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