Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flash Gordon and Highlander to See Big Screen

It seems that Hollywood is hell bent on destroying my childhood and teen years.

First, they made a campy version of STARSKY AND HUTCH which, like the Tom Hanks DRAGNET, was entertaining but made a mockery of something that was at times pretty dark. Okay, that applies more to DRAGNET than S&H, but the Michael Mann episodes of STARSKY AND HUTCH hold up very well and are good neo-noir.

Then they made the new FLASH GORDON and BIONIC WOMAN television series, which are unarguably awful. FLASH is so bad that watching it must surely be classified as the punishment that Satan gives Judas when his jaw is getting a little tired.

Then I found out that Seth Rogan was going to play Brit Reid in the new GREEN HORNET movie. Ummm...the Green Hornet is viewed by the public as a CRIMINAL and scares the crap out of people, that makes a good Seth Rogan comedy?! I'll still go see it because it stars Stephen Chow, but I know I'll hate it.

Why can't Hollywood do these things without irony? Oh, that's right because if you do a movie, like SPEED RACER, without irony you aren't "cool."

Which brings me to the latest news. Apparently, FLASH GORDON is returning to the big screen and they're remaking HIGHLANDER. I would have hopes that the FLASH GORDON might learn from the lessons of the TV show and go retro, but as it is produced by one of the producers of the aforementioned GREEN HORNET I have my doubts. Sure he also produced the new I AM LEGEND, and the director is going to be the guy who directed SAHARA -- and I am one of the 10 people who liked SAHARA -- but anyone who makes GREEN HORNET a Seth Rogan comedy is suspect. Personally, I'd cast Vince Vaughn and play it straight

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