Thursday, August 23, 2007

Comic Book Tombs

Following the concerns of George Miller, we here at Cinerati wonder, "Are comic books more than their cover art?" The L.A. Times Calendar section has an interesting story about a certain strain of collecting which is more about investment and less about enjoyment.

I have a small comic book collection that is contained in four or five boxes. At the urging of my wife, I've been considering two option. The first, I save them for my children to enjoy, i.e., consume. Or, I could give the age appropriate titles to a local boys and girls club for those kids to consume. By destroy, I mean rip out the pages, add their own commentary, use the book as a tracing guide, etc... I figure that if the kids actually get the joy of actually using the book then the comic would have served its purpose more fully than if it was laid down in a safety deposit box encased in plastic. Collecting for its own sake, without an appreciation of the thing collected, is a sterile and pointless exercise.

Weren't the pages in the books in Gatsby's library uncut?

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