Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Courtney Solomon is the Most Hated Man in Hollywood and on This Blog

Courtney Solomon has recently been named the "most hated man in Hollywood" due to the advertisements for the film Wristcutters: A Love Story. Many anti-suicide groups have taken issue with the ads, and Solomon has been sharp in his response to critics. Given his newfound notoriety, Solomon will be attending tonight's premiere party (you can watch the advertisement video here) for Captivity, another film which had ads that shocked the sensitive hearts in tinseltown.

All of which seems to be standard "culture wars" fare, with "soft-hearted liberals" and "slouching toward Gomorrah conservatives" both proclaiming that the world is going to H-E-double-hockeysticks in a handbasket.

Normally, I would mock both groups and go to watch Captivity and Wristcutters, judging them each by their merits (or probable lack thereof). But I hate Courtney Solomon as much as Hollywood. I don't care why they hate him, I'm just glad that he makes their blood boil as much as he does mine. You see...back in 2000 Solomon he made a movie which made a lot of people contemplate suicide when he directed the Dungeons and Dragons movie. Dungeons and Dragons may well be one of the singular worst fantasy films ever made and the taint of this horrible film still lingers making my already unpopular hobby even more unpopular.

"If D&D were any good wouldn't it warrant a better movie?"
"Do all Fighter/Magic-users where 'sexy' blue lipstick?"
"Are the Dragons in D&D really that stupid?"
"Was Tom Baker really so desperate for employment that he needed to play an elf in this film?"

I have been asked these questions and more. Not to mention the razzing I get whenever I try to get someone whose only D&D experience is the film to give the game a try with my gaming group.

How bad is the D&D movie? Solomon made Hawk the Slayer look like Citizen Kane.

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Anonymous said...

No-talent fraud. Violations of cinema are at best hideous aberrations only mistaken for movies by deaf and blind folk. Soul-less jerk with diseased fingers in the pocket of fellow jerk billionaire also devoid of taste. Person and product have a good deal in common: the look and smell of pig vomit.