Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What if "Star Trek" Had Been Invented in the Silent Era?

Thanks to the good folks at SF Signal, I have discovered an interesting little gem of a YouTube film.

You can visit the host site to read the many comments this interesting film has received. I particularly liked a very recent exchange discussing the propulsion system of the Enterprise.

Nevertheless I find myself drawn not to the social aspects of your picture show as to the technical premises. In the views presented of the engine room it appears that the Steamcraft Enterprise is powered by a triple-expansion steam engine but surely a steam turbine would be more efficient, would it not? Perhaps there are problems when flying through the heavens which prevent the use of high rotational speeds but I should think that we shall overcome such limitations.

DSisterson : I am indebted to you for your perceptive observations sir. It is my understanding that Steamfleet Command are presently engaged in research to determine the feasibility of a turbine propulsion system. There are concerns that such a machine might propel the vessel through the ether at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, and that the crewpersons would be unable to respirate at such a velocity.

As a fan of Space 1889, I know that we must be ever concerned with the properties of etherspace.

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