Monday, June 11, 2007

Listen to Christian and Friends at Geekerati Radio

Geekerati Radio 6/11: "The Truly Independent and the Blatantly Mass Market."

The theme of tonight's show is "What does it means to be independent?" From films to roleplaying games, the panelists will discuss the tensions between "commercial" or "sell out" entertainment and what most consider to be independent.

You can listen to the show LIVE at 7pm PST tonight at, or you can listen to our show at a later time when you can hear our after show discussion. In addition to the discussion, we will be giving away a 10 day Guest Subscription to Lord of the Rings Online and a copy of Wicked Fantasy Factory's "Rumble in the Wizard's Tower" published by Goodman Games.

Listen in, participate when we have our "Film Trivia" moments where we ask panelists, and you, to name films based on criteria provided by "Cineplexity" cards. "Cineplexity" cards are a part of the entertaining "Cineplexity" game by Out of the Box Publishing.

Our show has no affiliation with Out of the Box games, but it's a great game and I think it can use all the free advertising it can get.

Future episodes of the show will include a rundown of Zombie Armageddon entertainment, a special episode this Wednesday, and an interview with SF/Fantasy author Susan Palwick regarding her newest novel Shelter.

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