Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mahalo-The Human Search Engine

Today marks the begining of a new way to search the web. A new search engine debuted today at the Wall Street Journal D Conference. The engine called mahalo features results pages for the top 4,000 searches as edited and maintained by their search experts. Each results page gives you all the links that they think are the most useful without having to sift through useles links and old sites. Here is a link to their press release for Mahalo's Alpha launch.

Not a lot of the search pages are done yet but the pages I searched had all the useful links on the first page. Searches without a custom result page load with a list of mahalo results that you might be looking for and a summary google result page.

I like the idea of a human written search results page. It means that things that just contain the words from my search are left out and only pages that actually pertain to the subject I'm looking for are included.

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