Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today is William Shatner's 76th Birthday

I am not a Star Trek fan or even a Trekkie.

Yes, I own the entire run of "The Original Series," and the "Animated Series," on DVD.

Yes, I am recording the new remastered episodes of "The Original Series" as it airs on NBC late on Sunday nights.

Yes, I can talk about why I think that having Spock and Kirk meet while in Star Fleet Academy is a bad idea for the JJ Abrams film.

All of those things are true. Why? Because I am a William Shatner fan, not a Star Trek fan. Like the lead in Free Enterprise, I cannot stand the 24th century. It is only the classic for me.

I own all of Shatner's Tek War novels, and I find them enjoyable as airplane ride novels. I am a huge fan of Boston Legal. I will watch Kingdom of the Spiders at the drop of a hat. And I can't decide whether Hammy or Ozzie are the best character in Over the Hedge. My head says Hammy, but my heart says Ozzie. I even own a prized copy of the Encyclopedia Shatnerica.

Today is William Shatner's birthday. Happy Birthday Bill, and thanks for all that you've done to entertain me and my fellow fans.

Since I can't afford to go and visit the William Shatner building at McGill University in Montreal, I'll settle for going out and buying a frame for my autographed William Shatner picture. I know just the place, in my game room, to put it.

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