Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Save the Cheerleader, Save Cinderella?

Okay, I admit it...I have recently acquired a huge crush on Hayden Panettiere. I had seen her in a couple of movies, Raising Helen and Remember the Titans, but she never really jumped off the screen at me. This is probably because she was pretty much an infant, in my eyes, in these films. But ever since I saw her on Heroes, I have been watching a lot of movies that I would otherwise avoid just to see her cute and quirky smile. I am not alone in my willingness to pursue Panettiere movies, my wife is more than happy to watch these odd pieces of entertainment. She likes Hayden in Heroes as well.

A couple of the movies have been surprisingly entertaining. I found out that I actually liked Ice Princess, I mean I liked it a lot. It pulled my heart strings. It's right up there with The Cutting Edge as an "ice skating movie I am willing to watch." I won't watch ice skating with you, but if you are in the mood for either of these movies and I am in. I won't watch NASCAR either, but will watch The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Racing Stripes wasn't that bad, and I already love the Seven Samurai-esque A Bug's Life.

Not all of the films have been fun though. Bring It On: All or Nothing was hard to slog through. I don't even know what I was watching. It was like watching three movies at the same time, jumbled together at random. It just freaked me out.

That said, I cannot believe just how much this young almost-woman (she is still 17) works. Now I find a Cinderella III video where she is singing! What is a poor boy to do?

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