Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Conservatism and Anna Nicole Smith

When one thinks of how conservatives might react to the recent death of pop culture figure Anna Nicole Smith, one imagines many different reactions. The first that jumps to mind is a Thomas Hibbs-ian commentary on how Anna Nicole's life was a perfect example of how nihilism manifests in popular culture and how any obsession with Anna Nicole is an obsession with the void. One might also imagine what Rod Dreher of National Review might write given the less than kind things he has had to say about her in the past.

What one might not expect is that they might find a heart-felt eulogy in the pages of the Weekly Standard. This is especially true given the way that the media writ large has been treating her recent death. It is an odd thing to see what is often private sorrow, turned into public spectacle.

My favorite line from the piece, written by comedian Larry Miller, "We all have a lot to be forgiven, because, you see, like it or not, we're all part of the mob. No: We are the mob."

His description reminds me of other portrayals of the media consuming mob. One can only wonder where Homer Simpson and his large hands are. That's not a cartoon reference for those wondering.

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