Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You Know You Have Fallen into the Abyss of Gaming Geekdom When...

You order a movie from Netflix because, David Parlett, the author of "The Oxford History of Boardgames" was a game staging consultant for the film. I have finally stepped over that line and should be receiving Onegin from Netflix tomorrow afternoon. The Rotten Tomatoes crew, including Roger Ebert, don't think highly of the film about a bored St. Petersburg aristocrat played by Ralph Fiennes. Ebert found the film elegant, but with a dead center.

That's too bad. I have had a stream of disappointing movies in my mailbox lately. Not that this actually affects the reason I am going to watch the film. I am watching it to see what a game of Faro ought to look like when it is being played.

I am such a geek.

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