Tuesday, January 16, 2007

NCC-1701X "The White Rabbit"

I am a huge fan of the Original Series of Star Trek, but even I have to admit that many of their acting troupe moments are bafflingly hilarious. Think about the "bomb" in I,Mudd. Let that scene play around in your mind for a moment. Pretty bizarre isn't it? I won't even go into how strange it was watching William Shatner playing a woman possessing Captain Kirk's body in Turnabout Intruder. Shatner's performance in that episode is the root of all Shatner impersonations.

Don't believe me? Watch the episode.

Somebody in the interwebonetosphere decided to to a mash up of moments of bizarre behavior and drinking in Star Trek and make a music video for Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. The result is magical.

Thanks to both Tenser (the blogger, not the mage) and Chris Roberson for the recommendation.

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