Tuesday, December 19, 2006

PSP Finally Marketing Some of Its Functionality

Maybe you've seen the newest Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) commercial where the girlfriend leaves pictures on her boyfriend's PSP with the note to "find me." Maybe you've said to yourself, "Isn't the PSP just a video game machine which also has overpriced minidisc movies?" Surprisingly, the PSP is far more than that. The PSP is one of the most amazing multimedia devices available. It plays video games, mp3s, stores photos, can watch movies, has wireless access. Oh...and it also has web browsing capabilities.

One small problem...Sony forgot to tell people what this device is capable of doing. It looks like that might change as Sony has decided, due to poor UMD (you know the overpriced minidisc movie) sales. I looks like Sony is going to offer downloadable movie content for your PSP.

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