Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eli Broad to Tribune, "I don't take no for an answer."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it appears that following his initial refused bid to purchase the Los Angeles Times from Tribune Co., Eli Broad has decided to buy Tribune Co. in partnership with RON BURKLE. One can imagine the conversation went a little like this...

A PLAYGROUND in MIDDLE AMERICA children cheer the departure of DUSTY BAKER from the CUBS in the background. ELI BROAD,and TRI BUNECO, are having an argument about UGLY LAT IMES who is baffled by the attention. RON BURKLE is playing stickball with some of the happy youth.

(Shouting above the celebratory hollers of "Just Wait Til Next Year!")
I don't like the way you've been treating LAT, and I'll give you four ice cream bars if you stop beating her up and let me play doctor.

No way! She's going to keep giving me her lunch money, and she's going to sell her shoes if she has to in order to give me $5.00 everyday. I can't make it on $4.95!

(ELI and TRI have a brief scuffle when it becomes apparent that TRI is a better fighter)

I don't take no for an answer you punk!

(Breaks LAT's glasses just for fun)

(ELI walks over to the stickball game and talks with RON BURKLE. They both start walking back toward TRI and LAT. BURKLE is carrying the stickball stick.)

Fine! You won't let me play doctor with LAT, then Ron and I will play stickball with your head!

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