Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Entertainment News Rundown 10/25

I am thinking of doing a new feature, similar to Fishbowl LA's rundown of LA news. I'd like to do a quick stroll through entertainment news.

Anne Thompson has a good post on how the NYT is covering the box office results for Clint Eastwood's Flags of Our Fathers. She also has an excellent article on Aronofsky's upcoming fantasy The Fountain.

TV Critic Ray Richmond weighs in on the Madonna adoption.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Borat will no longer be a wide release, rather it will open on 800 rather than 2000 screens demonstrating just how much Americans don't pay attention to foreigners. Ah, the power of the first four minutes of a major studio release and have to cut back the number of theaters.

Patrick Goldstein, unlike the NYT, understands that October is also early Oscar season and not just when we worry about grudges.

You too can be baffled as to why the best new show on television was ranked 24th last week.

Shawna Benson keeps us appraised of the state of the fall lineup. I know that you can get info from the Futon Critic as well, but I like the way Shawna structures the results and predictions.

Bill Cunningham gives us the lowdown on Drive-in studio AIP. Bill's comments on how direct to dvd is the new AIP is very informative.

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