Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Temeraire Novels are Coming to the Big Screen

One of the most exciting Fantasy book series released this year was Naomi Novik's Temeraire collection. Earlier this year, the first three books in the series were released within one month of each other giving the series a nice movie serial/television show feel. I found it novel that I didn't have to wait the requisite 1 to 2 years between novels of a series, a fact that usually keeps the first book of a series unread on the shelf until sufficient sequels arrive and has led to me purchasing books I otherwise wouldn't. Nothing worse, as a reader, than waiting for a trilogy to finish, buying all the books, only to discover that the first book is aweful, all the while having waited 6 years before beginning the journey.

Novik's publisher didn't make me wait and I read the first book, His Majesty's Dragon, as soon as I bought it. I then waited with baited breath for the next two books. The series is a combination of traditional fantasy elements (dragons) with the Napoleonic nautical conflict of a Horatio Hornblower novel. If you love Dragons and cannon fire, these books are for you. It should be noted that while there are three books currently available, the series is not a trilogy and should continue in the near future. Yes, that probably means waiting the obligatory 1 to 2 years for sequels, but at least there are already three entertaining books out.

According to Novik's livejournal blog, and the Hollywood Reporter, Peter Jackson has optioned the movies for production. I can hardly wait!

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