Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Supernova, Drunk on Tranya, Picks Lukas Rossi

Remember the Carbomite Maneuver? Remember the wierdly made up and bizarre looking Clint Howard who was somehow entrancing? Remember how the voice dubbed for young Mr. Howard felt unnatural? Me too.

Apparently Supernova thinks that odd combination of traits is exactly what they want in a new lead singer. That's right, Supernova chose the one remaining artist who would disuade me from purchasing their upcoming CD, Lukas Rossi. The only way I will buy the CD is if I drink too much tranya myself.

That's Magni (boo!), no Dilana, and no Toby. Go to the 664th level of the abyss Supernova, or better yet the 666th level, because that's where I predict your CD will go...straight to the bottom.

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