Friday, August 18, 2006

Betrayal and The Book of Jhereg

Hi, I'm Eric. I am a member of Christian's SciFi/Fantasy Book club.

Our first book, Betrayal by Aaron Allston, is the first novel in the 9 part Legacy of the Force series which comes after the action of the New Jedi Order. The story is built up around the goings on in the Correllian System, where a dangerous weapon capable of destroying whole planets is being reactivated by the local regime in an effort to leave the Galactic Alliance. The story focuses on the actions of Jedi Knight Jacen Solo. By the way how do you pronounce this guy's name? Is it a J pronounced like an H and a hard C like "Hawken" or is it more like the common name Jason? Anyway, all of the main EU and cannon characters are along for the ride. The book features many Jedi vs. Sith battles, a bunch of droid smashing urban fights and lots of starfighter combat. The action in the book was exciting and kept up through the entire book and sets the table well for the 9 part series.

For the month of September our club deciced to read The Book of Jhereg by Steven Brust. Readers in the club will only be required to read book 1, Jhereg. In a strange coincidence I met a fan of Steven Brust today in my bowling league. I only broght it up with him because he happened to be reading a collection of fantasy stories which contained a Steven Brust short story set in his Taltos world. He had a very high opinion of the story. So obviously we are headed somewhere good.

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