Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tulipomania Brings Eagle Games to Its Knees

Anyone who has read Charles Mackay's excellent Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds is familiar with the Seventeenth century phenomenon of Tulipomania. The rich of Holland became enamoured of the tulip and were willing to pay extravagant prices for them, thus the value of tulip bulbs increased to extremely high amounts. So high, in fact, that those who bought the bulbs soon stopped planting the tulips, only buying the bulbs for resale later, and the market died because there were no buyers. A similar thing happened to comic books in the early 1990s.

Since 2000, the classic game of poker has grown from a fringe casino/home game to a televised event on ESPN. In response, many gaming companies began to offer poker support products. Eagle Games was one such company. They made computer games, poker supplies, and sold poker books. Their poker sales surpased their boardgame sales and became the flagship of the company, so much so that when the market on poker declined they have recently run into trouble.

From the President...

"Hello All,

The auction that has just been noticed by Amcore Bank is a part of a foreclosure process. Due to a sudden and severe downturn last year in the demand for poker products, Eagle Games, Inc. became insolvent and finally ceased operations on May 31, 2006.

The Eagle Games brand and the existing inventory is what is being sold at auction.

I am personally continuing to work on game design and development for Age of Empires and Pirates! (The guys at SDR are spearheading the actual game design for Pirates!) and expect that they will both be ready for publication this Fall/ Holiday season.

More details will be forthcoming after the auction on August 4th.

I appreciate the support that you have all shown Eagle Games in the past and hope that Eagle Games products are available for years to come. "

Eagle Games Inc. makes some wonderful games. Their re-release of Conquest of the Empire was excellent as were their adaptations of Railroad Tycoon and Age of Mythology from videogame to boardgame. I was eagerly awaiting their adaptations of Age of Empires III and Sid Meier's Pirates. Hopefully those products will still be able to be released. The gaming market is a tough racket, I hope they are able to recover.

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