Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tarzan, Cthulhu, and Other Boardgames I'm Excited About

One of the terrors of being a person who enjoys games is the "new game season" where new products are announced and the desire to acquire takes over. This year is no different from years past and looks like it will be offering a large array of games to tempt my pocketbook. I already mentioned the upcoming Heroscape Marvel edition, which will be released around January with a cost of around $29.99, but there are some other games I am anticipating.

Tarzan Triumphant, by Troll Lord Games features one of my favorite characters from literature in what looks like will be either a good or a horrible game. No matter what, it doesn't look like a great game, but the milieu of the game will be sufficient to take my $39.99.

I am very much looking forward to the Dunwich Horror expansion to the Arkham Horror boardgame by Fantasy Flight Games. The Arkham Horror game innovatively combines RPG-lite boardgame (ala Talisman, Heroquest, Dungeon) with detective game (Clue, 221-B Baker St.) mechanics with a hint of horror. The game can be played solo, but is best when played with a group of fellow Lovecraft afficianadoes.

The soon to be released Marvel Heroes Game, not to be confused with the above Heroscape game, also by Fantasy Flight Games combines two of my favorite things, games and comic books.

A boardgame based on the television series Lost looks like it should be interesting. The designers claim that the game will mix elements of Talisman (an rpg-lite boardgame), Magic the Gathering (a strategy cardgame), Settlers of Catan (an excellent customizable "Euro-game"), and Chess. We'll see, but the game sounds promising. I only have two fears. First, it is based on a license and many licensed games suck. Though if you find a copy of TSR's All My Children let me know. Second, will the game's adaptation of the Lost environment sufficiently simulate the show and how will changes in the show affect future supplements?

Now I will just have to concentrate on actually experiencing the games and not just purchasing them.

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