Thursday, July 06, 2006

James Wallis, Pilgrim for Charity

I frequently read Matt Forbeck's blog, maybe too frequently. One of the reasons I keep going back to his blog, in addition to any insights I might get into the "gaming" world, is that he has interesting friends who do interesting things. Case in point, Matt's most recent post is about James Wallis who has decided to go on a journey that would make Medieval Bloggers like Professor Nokes jump for joy. Wallis plans to walk all 120 miles of the Pilgrims' Way through Hampshire, Surrey, and Kent.

Mr. Wallis will be making the journey without the assistance of modern technology, including maps, because he desires to make the pilgrimage in a manner closer to that of a medieval pilgrim. You know the type, you read about them in Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. The work is one of the great works in English Literature and a great glimpse into the medieval mind. Wallis is using the trip as an opportunity to raise money for charity, something that would make the author of the Caterbury Tales proud and would make for a worthy addition to the tales themselves.

One of my favorite "discussions" in the Tales was the discussion of piety, indulgences, and what behavior best exemplified a proper "vocation."

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