Friday, July 28, 2006

The Internet as Network is Here

When NBC is releasing an internet only reality show, you know that the age of the internet as network has arrived. I have written a lot about how the future of programming, even syndication, is the internet. As more people have broadband connections and are stepping away from the TV for more interactive media, it becomes necessary for television networks to respond with more interactive content in the new medium. So far , for NBC this means

Nice play on words that, isn't it. Star tommorrow...Start Tommorrow, looks like NBC is playing the Delphic Prophet on this one, or should I say Adephic profit?

I know there is a lot of discussion about "net neutrality" in the interweb, and I don't mean to start a ruckus, but if what advocates of NN desire happens content like this will disappear. Broadband content requires bandwidth capability, just ask Mark Cuban. The internet is going the way of the Radio and the Television and this means more content (not less like NN'ers fear), but it does possibly mean the end of the "indy" provider. Look, I saw Pump Up the Volume, I wish there was more indy radio, but there is no conspiracy to prevent you or me from getting content. Let's stop the fearmongering talk and discuss the real issue. Do we want the internet to be strictly an information and journalism forum? Do we want it be strictly an entertainment medium? Something in the middle? What do the consumers of the internet desire?

And don't show me that fact free Moby film. I hate propaganda rooted in future shock and fear-mongering. You can put that right next to your Intelligent Design films and Bush speeches regarding Global Warming. Hyperbole don't fly here.

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