Friday, July 07, 2006

Contestant Decides He Doesn't Want to Be a Rockstar

I enjoyed last year's Rockstar: INX show where vocalists competed for the opportunity to become INX's new lead singer. The vocalists were talented and each show had very good, and sometimes excellent, performances by the performers. The show was, for me, a more interesting version of American Idol, one that featured a band whose CD I might purchase.

This year's lineup looked equally exciting. I watched the initial performances on Wednesday and had already formed a couple of favorite performers. I liked Dilana for her charisma, and a cool rendition of a Nirvana tune. Magni had a lame performance but anyone named Magni ought to have the strength to get past the first elimination (that's Norse God humor for those of you out there, check the link). I did think that Magni ought to have played to his genre, he's Icelandic, you know "Death Metal." I wanted to hear him sing "Reign in Blood" by Slayer or something, sing from the bowels Magni...the bowels of your lungs.

Speaking of paying attention to genre, Matt was one of my favorite performers on Wednesday. He did a pretty good job with Coldplay's Yellow, pitchy at the end as Dave Navarro pointed out, but his stage presence was good. He does look twelve, but I was ready to let that pass. That is until he performed his elimination song, the song artists sing to prove they ought not be kicked out of the band. This is a song, unlike the initial performance, where the vocalists can sing whatever they want. Matt decided he didn't want to be in a rock and roll band, but in a new wave ensemble and performed a Duran Duran tune, a new one--not even a classic tune. You can view the performance at the Rockstar website, it's flash animated our I'd provide a direct link to the performance. Let's see...I'm trying to convince the former rhythm guitarist of Guns N' Roses, a former Metallica bassist, and a former Motley Crue drummer that I should be their front man and I pick...Duran Duran! Yes! But Glam, not hair metal glam but real Glam, is a precursor to Punk, New Wave, and Metal. Duran Duran is New Wave so you can rock it out you say? Okay, then Matt should have performed a T-Rex song. I have never seen anyone self destruct so swiftly.

In other news, it appears that Matt Hoffer has been offered a merchandising deal with Bad Idea Jeans.

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