Friday, June 02, 2006

Marvel Loses Avi Arad and Media Obsess About Superman's Sexuality

Avi Arad has left Marvel Comics to start up his own film production company. Arad was one of the key figures in Marvels recovery from bankruptcy and helped move the company away from comic books as a primary product and into a multimedia conglomerate. Arad's vision seemed finalized when Marvel opened their own production studios for films, an act Arad deemed necessary after conflict with Sony over Spider-man revenues.

The split, and subsequent creation of a company that will make Marvel licensed films, seems odd. Especially when you take into account that Arad has recently sold off $60 million in Marvel shares, 2/3 of his holdings in Marvel. The combination of Arad's apparent ability to convince Marvel to once again license their films out, in this case to him, with his own huge divestiture in Marvel interest leave the future of Marvel open in my mind.

In other news, it seems that the Los Angeles Times and everyone else can't stop talking about how "gay" Superman is going to be as a film. Personally, Superman is one of my favorite characters, Singer is one of my favorite directors, and I think the film will be great. Besides, I saw Christopher Reeve kiss Michael Caine in Deathtrap and you don't get any more homoerotic than that. Oh wait, sure you do, "Kneel before Bernadette." I mean Zod. Look at how fetish-wear the Zod getup looks? It looks like Zod is getting ready to molest Kal-El.

I don't know what the big deal is. I don't know why everyone is trying to politicize/tank what looks to be a fun movie.

I will be waiting in line to see Superman Returns and if I hear too much snickering in the line, I just may go Doomsday on their asses.

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