Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's D-Day, Not "Devil's Day!"

Two things happened in the past ten minutes. First, a friend I game with every now and then reminded me that today was our annual D-Day deathmatch. Second, I read The Shelf, one of our community members and J.C. was lamenting the lack of discussion regarding D-Day on the news today. Add to that the discussion about this obscure invasion of Normandy in 1944 that was mentioned on NPR this morning and I realized that today is D-Day.

That's right today is the day we began taking it to those Jerrys seriously. Today is a day when we should all be watching The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan. Though Turner Movie Classics seems to think that was Memorial Day, but we all know Memorial Day is all about the Civil War and not WWII. You know the whole "sacrifices that were made to keep our nation united" thing that cost untold lives. That's Memorial Day, D-Day is when we landed on a beach and got torn to shreds by Kraut machine guns.

For those worried about my strongly anti-German language, remember that my Oma came over from Deutschland after the war and that Germany is my #2 team at the World Cup. America is #1.

Annual Deathmatch? However is it resolved? Knives? Guns? Wet noodle slapping?

No, no, no. We usually work out our Deathmatch using one of many games devoted to the topic to simulate the invasion of Normandy (as opposed to the Norman Invasion which we use different games to simulate). It depends on how much time we have to devote to the occasion. This evening we will be using Memoir '44 in our annual tradition. It's a fun game that can be played in a reasonable amount of time. If we had played this weekend we might have written up some scenarios for Pinnacle Games Fields of Honor which we have both been looking to play, a great system for our Axis and Allies collectible minis. At least Wizards of the Coast remembered D-Day. I only wish that Chris Pramas were there to pwn me.

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