Thursday, June 22, 2006


I am most impressed with the latest DC "Let's remake the universe" storyline - 52

I haven't read comics regularly since they killed the "Young Justice" series, but I am way addicted to this one.

It's like a comic book version of "24" but with superheroes and all those trappings, wherein there is a new issue every week, the events happen in real time as best they can for a comic book (i.e. the latest issue references that last Sunday was Father's Day), and they are doing a bang up job of really analyzing what would happen to the rest of the world if all these crazy events happened and dealing with the characters lives in a realistic manner.And (also much like 24) they have a really cool website done up like a "Daily Planet" website that has lots of cool goodies and clues to keep you guessing at what's going to happen next.

I'm digging it. Go check out the comics, as Christian Johnson has observed they could certainly use the support. And if you haven't read one in awhile I highly recommend you pick up the Infinite Crisis storyline while you are at it. It will keep you from wondering what the crap is going on, as well as entertain you with it's well plotted storyline and character development.

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